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Apps Help Drivers Save Money On Car Expenses

Drivers looking to save money on car expenses can make use of available apps that help them track their mileage. These apps are designed to help you manage your mileage and budget how you spend money on gas. Another great alternative to saving money on car expenses is earning money by […]

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Get Paid To Drive Plus Teen Safe Driving Tips

Drive Safety For Teens At Getting Paid to Drive, we want to help you drive safely, and make some extra money. Do you own a number of family cars? Consider putting an ad on all of them, and make extra cash when you teens, siblings, or spouse drive the car. […]

Getting Paid To Drive with Affordable Insurance

Get Paid and Have Affordable Insurance Here at Getting Paid To Drive, we like to offer tips that can help you drive safely while earning money. When it comes to auto insurance, paying more for your coverage can often mean you are getting solid full coverage. On the flip side, […]

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Prepare For A Natural Disaster

Prepare Your Vehicle For A Natural Disaster To help our Getting Paid to Drive drivers get through the difficult driving situations, we like to offer tips for safe driving. You never know when a natural disaster can occur. A natural disaster can happen at any time or anywhere, and your […]

Tips For Buying Car Insurance For Teens

Here at Getting Paid To Drive, we like to help our drivers out with useful tips and information. Many of our drivers have teenagers in the family, which means looking for extra car insurance. Adding a teenager to a family’s auto insurance policy will most likely raise your premium. You […]

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Back To School Driving Safety Reminders

As always, we like to provide you with helpful information to make driving your car as safe as possible. Many of our successful Getting Paid to Drive drivers are loading the gets up and heading back to school. Summer break has come to a close. Which means more pedestrians (mostly  young […]

Rain Brings Dangerous Driving Conditions

Rounds of summer storms have been blowing across the US, making things difficult for drivers. To help daily drivers and summertime vacationers get through these difficult driving situations, Getting Paid to Driver offers tips for safe driving. The most important thing when driving in the rain is watching out for […]

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Why Every Driver Should Have Roadside Assistance

As always we like to provide you with helpful information to make driving your car as safe as possible. Roadside assistance is just one more thing that all drivers should take advantage of. Roadside assistance is the attempt by a service professional to make minor mechanical repairs and adjustments in […]