Back To School Driving Safety Reminders

As always, we like to provide you with helpful information to make driving your car as safe as possible. Many of our successful Getting Paid to Drive drivers are loading the gets up and heading back to school. Summer break has come to a close. Which means more pedestrians (mostly  young people) out on the streets, and lighter morning traffic coming to an end. You want to plan ahead for the increase in traffic and be sure to leave enough time in your morning commute so you’re not tempted to speed and endanger others walking on the street or driving on the road.

man and two girls in car

Driving Kids To School

There will be many children and families driving on roads, riding their bikes and walking to school. Let’s keep them safe and drive carefully.

Back to School Safety Tips

    • Whether you are going to work or dropping off the kids are different schools, drivers are encouraged to leave earlier than usual, as there will likely be delays along travel routes.
    • If you are driving in a school zone, it is CRITICAL you follow the speed limit laws when school is in session.
    • The crossing guards will be out. Sometimes they are at busy intersections blocks from an elementary school. It’s important to be extra careful and pay attention. Crossing guards will be out in the street stopping traffic so children can safely cross the street.
    • Make sure your own children are safe by explaining the rules when getting out and into the car at school. When dropping off your children, make sure you are in the designated school drop off areas.
    • Review street safety tips with your children who are attending school and especially with any new teenage drivers you may have in the house.
woman and girls in car

Mom Driving Kids To School

Above all, drivers are encouraged to remain patient during any travel delays and remember the goal is for everyone to arrive at their destination safely!

At Getting Paid To Drive, we want to make sure our drivers and pedestrians are safe.

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