Good Drivers Rewarded With Extra Money

Become A Lyft Driver

When people do good work they are rewarded. Depending on the profession this may mean you get a bonus or a tip. The Lyft rideshare world has followed suit. It has always been a big piece of the company. If someone offers quality service why not give them the ability to get a little extra money? Lyft continues to grow and flourish in practically everything they are doing. That’s why these numbers and their popularity are continuing to grow with each passing day.

Earn More

Lyft drivers have been tipped $250,000,000 up to this point. That number has grown over the past several years. One reason is because the customers are satisfied to the point where they feel the need to add on something for the driver for providing a positive experience. This is a classic case of what goes around comes around. If a driver does everything right consistently, their earning can go through the roof with all the extra cash they are earning from tips.

Customize Tips

In the past riders were given the option to drop anywhere from  $1-5 dollars for their driver. The research team is always ahead of the curve. They gathered information from both sides and determined that there should be bigger tip options for longer or more involved rides.When the fare exceeds $25, the rider will have the option of tipping $2, $5, and $10 on the app. Of course, there is always the option to customize the tipping option when the service is spectacular or subpar.

Building Relationships

The ability for drivers to earn and riders to give bodes well for building strong relationships. Lyft is a huge believer in positive relationships. It seems like everything they do has this in mind. Whether you are a driver or a customer it’s always nice to have clearly defined expectations. This is one of the reasons that the business is doing so well and continues to grow. Drivers and customers aren’t surprised by hidden fees or extra unwanted features. What they see is what they get. That type of honesty is respected by both sides.

Now is a perfect time to become a Lyft driver. Lyft has been on the rise for several years. With additions like this revitalized tipping options there’s no reason to think it will slow down anytime soon. This is the kind of change that can push you past driving only being a “side hustle” and more like a long term career option.