Lyft Expands – Needing More Drivers

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3 Positives to Lyft’s Expansion

One of the most telling signs that a business is doing well is when it is able to expand. With this comes the ability to serve customers and provide services to those who are in need. In the rideshare business, expansion is still a new idea. Businesses like Lyft have to be able to do well major outlets before they are able to push outward. They have done that, and now they have trickled into 40 states. The progression from small business to a nationwide brand is pretty incredible, but what does this expansion mean for the customer?

1. Availability

As the Lyft business flourishes that means they moving to new states and locations. That also means they are able to expand even more as they gain new clients. Some people have needed this service in their area, but have never been able to take advantage of it. Whether they are catching rides to work, the airport, or the having a night out on the town, Lyft can now provide for even more people. There are 94% of cities that are covered under Lyft now. That means 90% of people have transportation within a couple clicks if they need it. There’s no excuse not to be able to get where you’re going nowadays.

2. More Drivers

Having enough customers to sustain a business is paramount. Having enough people to service them has to be ride behind it. Drivers are the lifeblood of Lyft. Expanding into new cities and states gives those that are interested the ability to change their lives. They can now pick up a second job, or slide out of their normal nine to five to the can strictly drive with Lyft. The ability to provide quality service for both the driver and rider is what got Lyft to this point and it is what will push them to new innovations into the future.

3. Promise

Lyft made promises to its customers to serve them and do it in a friendly manner like your friend is coming to pick you up. They have lived up to sustaining these intimate relationships while maintaining a professional business attitude. The other promise, is the promise for the future. With every step of growth that Lyft takes means that the possibilities are endless for this business. With new technology that continues to be available in mobile apps, the automobile industry and science the future for Lyft is very bright.

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