3 Ways Lyft Drivers Can Earn More Money


Lyft as well as other rideshare programs are the new way to make easy money. Whether you want to be your own boss, or earn some extra cash, this is a great opportunity. The main objective of any job is to earn as much money as possible. There are several things that new or established drivers can take advantage of to earn more for their work. Remember you’re getting paid to drive. Make it fun and worth it!

1. Stay Busy

Make sure you know the times when business is likely to boom in your area. If it’s late it is always a good idea to make your way to the bars. If it’s around dinner time, you want to be in a socially popular area. Also make sure to know times when traffic is heavy. This can keep you from getting stuck and limiting the amount of customers you can see on any given day.

2. Provide Incentives

The biggest thing that pushes your Lyft business is your rating. This is like word of mouth in the driveshare world. If you gain popularity then you can potentially earn more business. You should be open to providing services other drivers might not. Think about offering individual snacks and water to your customers. Making them feel comfortable can make your rider shoot your rating up. Another idea might be to ask their opinions on music and let them listen to what they want. It’s important to keep a variety at your disposal. You never know who you might pick up and what they may like.

3. Drive Less

Don’t take that literally. You want to be available as much as possible to work. What this really means is don’t travel more than you have to just for one potential customer. It doesn’t make sense to drive a long distance unless you know it’s going to be a substantial earning opportunity. It’s also not smart to search for work while simply driving around. This wastes gas as well as time and ultimately your earning potential. Be smart about your routes and where you’re taking the customer. Long routes can decrease your rating and make you lose out on multiple rides all to get a bigger one time payout.

Now is one of the best times to become a Lyft driver. Want to start earning money today as a Lyft driver?