Top 5 Ways To Spend Less on Auto Insurance and Get Paid

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Here at Getting Paid To Drive, we want to help you make and save money. When it comes to auto insurance, most people believe that once you sign up, you are stuck at a fixed cost. But this is not necessarily true. It can be lowered often easily. There are a number of ways you can save money that will vary on your driver record, vehicle and location, but it could add up to hundreds of dollars per year.

Top 5 Ways To Save On Insurance

1. Up Your Deductible: If you boost your deductible a car accident might cost you more, but if you and everyone else on your car insurance policy have a history of safe driving, it’s a way to save money.

2. Cut Your Miles: When you drive less, you save on car insurance. Consider taking the bus or train to work. Joining a car pool is also a great idea. A car pool switch off will allow you to drive less miles but still get those days in on the road so you can “get paid to drive”. Anything over 13,000 miles will be considered at a higher rate. So cut those down any way you can.

3. Combine Your Policy: If you are paying for homeowners insurance and car insurance, you may be able to combine policies with one company and save yourself a lot of money. By doing this, many companies will offer you big discounts, saving you lots of money.

4. Monitor: Some insurance will offer wireless devices to monitor your car. This means they will be able to track and monitor your driving habits, including distance, most frequent travel times and driving habits, such as sudden stops or speeding. Sacrificing some privacy to show that you are a careful driver isn’t a bad way to go.

5. Your Credit Report: You might not know this, but paying your bills late can affect your insurance rate. If you’ve got a good credit report without any late payment docks it is worth asking your agent to consider a discount. If your credit is good, companies believe you will be less likely to file a claim.

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Here at Getting Paid to Drive we like to help our drivers make money and save money. Find out how you can get paid for something you already do every day.

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