Top 3 Ways To Get A Job While Unemployed

Get Paid To Drive Around Town While You Look For Work


A recent article on Business Insider, shows findings from a study on the difficulties of finding a job while unemployed. The study, performed by The National Bureau of Economic Research, reports that unemployed people that settle for a job that they are overqualified for can actually do more harm then good when they go out looking for something better.

Unemployment Study

The study took fake applicants and had them apply for higher paying jobs such as executive assistants and office associates. Each fake applicant had a four-year bachelor’s degree with substantial work histories and no prior spells of unemployment. What came back was surprising. Those applicants who reflected taking a lower-paying job that they were overqualified for on their résumés were significantly less likely to receive a callback from employers, then those who have simply been unemployed. “It appears that an unemployed worker is better off remaining unemployed and searching for work rather than being employed in a low-level job while searching,” the report notes.

Top 3 Ways To Get A Job While Unemployed

1.Hold out until the kind of job you are qualified for arrives.

2. Take any type of work but keep a lower level job off your resume.

3. Place an ad decal on your vehicle and make income while looking for a job.


Getting Paid To Drive

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