Top 5 Tips To Drive In Winter Storms

Be Safe and Make Money While Driving


Here at Getting Paid To Drive, we like to provide helpful tips to our drivers to ensure that they keep safe even during the most weather difficult days.

The first day of winter is only a month away, and with the season change we can expect heavy storms. Heavy rains are in the forecast, which means dangerous driving conditions are ahead. Naturally grip and visibility are affected when it rains, but even more dangerous is that people disregard the obvious. In this post we offer you the top 5 tips to ensuring you keep safe during the winter rain.

Top 5 Tips For Driving in Rain

  1. Check your wipers – Checking your windshield wipers before you hit the road is the easiest and safest thing you can do. Make sure they are both in proper working condition. When it begins to rain heavily, you will want both working to help clear the way.
  2. Check your lights – Nothing is more vital in the heavy rain then being able to see and be seen. Make sure your headlights, your tail lights, and your brake lights are all working properly. They could be the one thing keeping your from getting into an accident.
  3. Check your wheels – When it first begins to rain, the roads get slick. You do not want to drive around with bald tires. If your tires look bald as the winter season approaches, it will be critical that you get new ones.
  4. Never use fog lights – It is illegal to use your fog lights, unless there is heavy fog or really bad visibility. Using your brights can cause extreme difficulty for oncoming drivers.
  5. Space – One of the most important things you learn when taking your drivers test is that is that there should be at least four to five seconds between you and the car in front of you. Leave as much space as possible during the rain, as your car will travel further when you brake on wet surface.

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