Top 5 Errors While Getting Paid To Drive In The Snow

Get Paid To Drive In The Snow


We are right in the heart of winter, making it a dangerous time for drivers. When the roads are blanketed in a thick carpet of snow, you need to be extra careful. Here at Getting Paid To Drive, we want to help you make cash in the safest way possible. There are 1.5 million annual car crashes associated with poor driving conditions caused by weather. It is our goal to ensure you are not one of them.

Top 5 Errors Driving In The Snow

Speed – Driving too fast is the biggest cause of accidents in the snow. Snowy grounds will cause your car to slip and slide. Driving fast reduces the amount of time you have to react. Even if it feels safe to you, don’t do it. Driving slower will ensure you can get your car under control in slippery conditions.

Braking – When your car begins to slide out, your first reaction will be to slam on the brakes. This is the most common mistake people make. When you slam on your brakes in the snow, you lose traction in your tires and your wheels lock up. The best thing you can do in this situation is ease up off the accelerator.

Distance – The first thing you learn when driving a car is how much of a distance there should be between you and the car in front of you. This becomes so critical during dangerous weather conditions. In the snow, you want to double the normal driving distance, giving yourself enough time to brake and slide without hitting the car in front of you.

Be Ready – The most dangerous time to drive is right after a snow storm. Make sure your car is winter ready before the harsh weather even begins. Check your antifreeze and battery power and if you live somewhere it snows heavily, you want to make sure your car is equipped with snow tires.

Big Vehicles – If you drive a truck or SUV, you might think you are invincible. A four wheel drive will typically drive better in the snow but you still won’t have anything better than other drivers when it comes to needing to brake. Slow down, and keep a safe distance between you and other drivers.

Stay safe this winter season, and pay attention to the roads!

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