Getting Paid To Drive Winter Driving Tips

Snow Rain and Ice Driving Tips


Here at Getting Paid To Drive, we like to help you make extra money and ensure you are driving safe. Winter is here and it’s important to know how to drive in all sorts of weather conditions. In an ideal world, we could all stay warm in our homes but most of us have jobs, school, work, and other things we have to do. If you must drive in bad weather, follow these driving tips and you will be much safer.

Getting Paid To Drive Winter Driving Tips

Snow Driving

Driving in snow is serious business. Things can change in a big hurry during a snowstorm and can literally become deadly during a blizzard. Even when the storm is over, the slippery streets still present serious safety hazards and visibility issues. When your driving in snow, you should keep a 9 second following distance. You should always brake before a turn, not during a turn to avoid spin outs, and be sure your car has ABS brakes and take extra caution over bridges and overpasses.

Rain Driving

Rain creates a more slick surface, and decreases visibility.A great rule of thumb to always remember is if it is raining, there should be a three vehicle gap between you and another driver. That will give you ample time to maneuver and stop.If possible, avoid driving through puddles of water. Even just a couple inches of water can cause drivers to easily lose control.If it is raining so bad you lose site of the cars in front of you or the edges of the road, it is a good indicator that you need to pull off the road. If you can’t make it to a safe place to park, get as far off on the shoulder as possible and turn your hazard lights on.

Ice Driving

This kind of driving poses unique challenges and risks. Even the most skilled drivers in the world tend to avoid driving when the roads ice up. If you discover that you’re driving on ice, there is one thing you must do before anything else remain totally calm. Do not the brakes and don’t make any sudden movements with the steering wheel, even if you feel yourself sliding. Knowing the exact temperature outside is the best way to know if icing is occurring or could possibly occur.


Stay safe this winter season, and pay attention to the roads!

Here at Getting Paid to Drive we like to help our drivers make money by doing something they already do every day.

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