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Good Drivers Rewarded With Extra Money

When people do good work they are rewarded. Depending on the profession this may mean you get a bonus or a tip. The Lyft rideshare world has followed suit. It has always been a big piece of the company. If someone offers quality service why not give them the ability […]

Riders enjoy new tip functions with Lyft.

Lyft continues to impress across the United States.

Lyft Expands – Needing More Drivers

3 Positives to Lyft’s Expansion One of the most telling signs that a business is doing well is when it is able to expand. With this comes the ability to serve customers and provide services to those who are in need. In the rideshare business, expansion is still a new […]

Get Paid To Drive With Lyft’s New Partnerships

Lyft Partners With Taco Bell   It’s late, you’ve had a night full of fun and you’re starving. A normal taxi or friend likely isn’t going to listen to your fast food request during late hours. There main concern is getting you dropped off and getting on with their night. […]

Lyft partnership with Taco Bell services its cusomers better.

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Lyft Customers Help You Make More

Lyft Relationships It’s true that Lyft tries to help build a sense of community and friendship between customers and drivers. This relationship is a two way street. The Lyft driver has to do their part to make the passenger feel at home. There are several ways that the passenger can […]