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Lyft Partners With Taco Bell


It’s late, you’ve had a night full of fun and you’re starving. A normal taxi or friend likely isn’t going to listen to your fast food request during late hours. There main concern is getting you dropped off and getting on with their night. Lyft’s main concern is its customer. So it is no surprise that they are partnering with Taco Bell in setting up their riders with the ability to slide through and satisfy their cravings. Which means, Lyft drivers make more!




The new “Late Night Drive Thru” allows riders to get into full taco mode through the Lyft app. This new addition is convenient for people that want a little extra out of their ride. This is still a new practice in some locations and not all drivers are willing to participate. It’s important to make sure that you are paired with the appropriate driver if you plan on getting an extra bite before you go to your next destination. They are also offering up certain items that are free when used with the app. Nothing like being able to add on a free soft taco or drink with the order when the customer works through the Lyft app and opts for the Taco Bell option.

Ahead Of The Curve

This is an important step in the ride share business. The ability to develop partnerships for the future is an interesting twist in on the rideshare businesses. Who knows maybe people will be able to get their favorite cultural foods or ice cream through these types of partnerships. Lyft is once again ahead of the curve by taking this step with Taco Bell.

Having this type of option really starts to shape how business runs through rideshares. There are so many things that could be added on to a riders driving experience. Being able to eat is one thing, but it makes the customers wonder what could be next. Then they can redefine who they partner with into the future. They can change things to make it better or start to branch off into other additions that might be done through the Lyft app. The possibilities for this kind of innovation are endless.



More Reasons To Become A Lyft Driver

Taco Bell is a perfect partner with Lyft. This traditional fast food stop caters to the demographic that will likely use Lyft and be out during the later hours. It’s a brilliant and we’ll thought out plan. It will be interesting to see how this step transforms all the different options of Lyft rideshare options for the future.

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