Drivers Make More With Lyft’s Values

drive with lyft

Although the days of picking your passengers up with a big pink mustache on the front of you car is over, driving for Lyft is still unique. Competition between other rideshare companies is a real hurdle, but Lyft doesn’t seem to be changing who they’ve always been. Getting paid to drive is a beautiful thing, but there are a few reasons why Lyft is more than just a money making business.

1. Valuing Community

Picking up customers with the pink mustache was unique in the beginning. It gave people the sense that they were being picked up by friends instead of a business transactions. Although the business has evolved, the value of community still reigns supreme. In a sense, drivers get to be who they are. They are encouraged to add flare to their rides and show of their own unique styles. This encourages conversation and the building of relationships between driver and passenger. They may find common interest and a positive experience.

2. Valuing Drivers

Nobody wants to be treated as just another number under the large company umbrella. Lyft offers the ability to connect drivers with each other. They offer outlets and forums that let drivers discuss techniques, strategies that are more likely to push them toward success. The company also has been known to partner veteran drivers with new drivers when they are starting out. It’s like a teacher and student relationship. It builds connections and allows for the new driver to grow and learn some tricks of the trade.

3. Valuing Customers

Some businesses look at their customers with dollar signs lighting up their eyes. They try to capitalize on them, instead of treating them individually. Lyft drivers are known for bridging the gap between communities. In other words, Lyft allows people to see some of the most visited and popular destinations in different communities. This let’s passengers be able to link with new people and experiences that they may have never known about without Lyft help. The company actually acts as the bridge between passengers and the rest of the community. So “Valuing Community” isn’t some slogan that sounds nice, it’s literally what Lyft thrives on.

It’s easy to get caught up in the land of evolving business, but Lyft has done an incredible job changing over time, but still never forgetting where it came from. It’s a very refreshing feeling for customers and employees.

Learn how Lyft can start connecting you with people and continue to build your community.