3 Reasons Why ‘Accelerate’ Benefits Lyft Drivers

3 Reasons Why ‘Accelerate’ Benefits Lyft Drivers

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‘Accelerate’ is a premier driver rewards program offered by lift. Just think of it as a raise or a bonus from any other company. The more rides that a person gives the more perks they are able to gain from work they already do. It’s kind of like double-dipping. Drivers get paid and then are able to build other add-ons or save on things that they use every day.

Silver Level

The Silver level program is the basic level of the program. This is for any driver logging 0-19 rides per month. Drivers are eligible to save $.03/gal on Shell gas, cell phone discounts, healthcare and retirement benefits as well as roadside assistance for their vehicles. This gives the employee a small taste of the bonuses they can receive. It can push them to get out of the road more often so that they can bump up to the next level.

Gold Level

Drivers that qualify for this level of the program are logging 20-199 rides per month. This is likely where the biggest percentage of the employees will fall into. This will be where both part-time and career drivers both share the road. They increase their Shell gas savings to $.05/gal. This level also allows drivers to save or bigger car maintenance such as tires, tune ups and olive changes. This category is full of daily saving on food, clothing, as even gym memberships. More drivers mean the perks are going to fall into broader categories across various age ranges. This keeps them interested and engaged in building their business.

Platinum Level

This level is for the driver has likely decided to make Lyft their main source of income. Doing so will allow them to reach the maximum level of benefits from the ‘Accelerate’ program. These benefits are built to cover the employee’s business. Here they save $.07/gal at the pump. They are also able to have their full bill covered with Allstars roadside assistance. This will ensure that the car is covered for you and your job and earnings are not totaled along with your vehicle.

Lyft goes beyond just providing extra money in your pocket. These built in programs offer a lot of incentives to keep you shuttling those customers around. As the company continues to grow, expect other programs to develop and the savings and prizes to get bigger and better.

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