Lyft Separates Itself From The Competition

4 Reasons To Drive With Lyft Over The Competitors

Find out how Lyft provides the best rideshare experience.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they ask themselves “am I doing enough?” We all have bills, mouths to feed, and extra expenses. That’s why rideshare companies offer great opportunities to break away from just a normal 9-5 by allowing people to earn extra cash, getting paid to drive. Getting paid to drive means picking the right company to join. Lyft has several ways that it separates itself from the competition.

1. Get Paid More

Lyft is looking to recruit drivers all over the country. One of the most successful tactics is offering sign up bonuses, depending on your location. Most jobs start you off at a low wage even with experience. Lyft is profitable from the moment you start driving with them. You can cash out your earnings your first day!

2. Easing In

We’ve all been in jobs where everything is fast paced. That is good for business but not always good for the new employee. Lyft doesn’t have the amount of clients that some rideshare programs do. That’s not a bad thing. It lets drivers be able to study their area and work at their own pace instead of flying down the road trying to get to the next appointment. Think about the quality of drive for you and the passenger instead of the quantity of passengers you take on. A better experience can make the driver more comfy and create a bigger tip in the end.

3. Tips and Ratings

With the mobile app, Lyft allows customers to give their driver a tip. Some of the competition doesn’t allow that. They also have built in features that let you get paid quicker. You can cash out at anytime. They offer also log milestones for the driver if they reach certain distances and number of rides overall. The customer can also make sure they enjoy their experience further. They are able to rate the driver with the app. If they rate the driver a 3 or lower then they won’t be matched with them any longer. It provides feedback for everyone and allows both parties to enjoy their experience.

4. Treatment

Drivers are ready to go when they sign up. They want to start earning and doing the job they signed up for. Lyft makes this possible by mentoring it’s new drivers. They pair new drivers with experienced ones. This allows them to share their own views and opinions and let new drivers come up with the way they would like to run their business. The sessions with veteran drivers are a requirement. It’s like on the job training.