3 Ways To Market Auto Insurance To Millennials

3 Ways To Market Auto Insurance To Millennials

Learn how to market auto insurance to millennials.

Millennials are often given a bad wrap. The older generation often shakes their fists at what they view as incompetence from millennials. The truth is this generation isn’t as traditional as those that have come before it. They would rather send an email than hold a face to face conversation. Is that really a bad thing? As an auto insurance agent you have to adapt regardless of how you view these different generations. Millennials are where a huge amount of leads are going to come from. They need to be tailored to in a unique fashion. There are several ways to achieve this.

1. Collaborate

Consumers drive business. Some people think this is done simply by customers buying your auto insurance policy. Millennials want more say. That’s why a lot of companies are involving these customers in the process. Let them come up with some of the ideas that might come into a new policy. Sure, they aren’t qualified to put together and write a whole policy, but they are qualified to decide what they want included in a new policy. An idea might be to have a series of add ons and poll the consumers on which one they like the most. When these customers need a policy they are more likely to link up with something that came from them.

2. Let Them Browse Insurance

We’ve all heard the term window shopping. Auto insurance agents can make this experience a reality for their clients with their policies. Most millennials want to have time to make a decision. They are constantly doing research via the Internet for what might fit them. One thing agents can do is have policies and add ons available for viewing on their social media pages or their website. It allows the consumer to read through and make a decision on their own. They don’t want to be pressured while sitting across from you as you spit out a bunch of lingo. Let them come to you with what they think fits them the best. Then you can analyze and help them fine tune things.

3. Authenticity

If you give tools to the customer to make them feel a part of the process then they are likely to draw a connection. If they can tweet, blog, post, or pin things they feel empowered. They have ways to make sure it’s not altered by people who aren’t them. Authenticity is important this generation. Auto insurance agents need to make sure that your information relating to your business like social media profiles, websites, and contact information is ready and available to them. They trust themselves and their friends more than they do someone trying to sell them something. If something is tweeted at them or they get tagged by a friend, they are likely to look into it. So keeping up with trends and continuing to be active on social media is very important in continued and sustained success.

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