Lyft Driving – Stay Safe And Make Money

4 Ways To Ensure Lyft Driver Safety

Everybody needs to take precaution at their job. When you drive for a living or “side hustle,” you need to make sure that you as well as everybody who might ride in your car is safe. There are several things that need to be taken into account to make sure all passengers are safe and have an enjoyable experience.

stay safe being a lyft driver


  1. No Road Rage

Listen, there are some crazy folks out there. What you might do in your own car is your own business. During rideshare time you need to tone it down. This means keep your mouth and driving under control at all times. All drivers need to obey all traffic laws at all times. This should be treated as a professional environment even though it might be your car. Remember, the passenger may seem to be smiling, but might be thinking about the awful review they’re going to give you. This might seem so simple and silly to mention, but you can’t get too comfortable behind the wheel.

  1. Stay Hands Free

Our phones are a big piece to our lives. You shouldn’t be on your phone while in motion. That goes for personal calls or messages as well as navigation. There are plenty ways to go hands free in today’s world. Consider getting a mountain your car for navigation, so you aren’t tempted to juggle your phone. If an emergency hits and you must take your phone call, just explain the situation to your passenger and make sure to pull over to take the call or message. Chances are if you give an explanation they will understanding and kind toward the situation.

  1. Family Matters

Bringing your family along with you might seem like a good idea to you, but it may be odd and confusing to the passenger. When you go through the process of becoming a Lyft driver you are required to go through a background check. Customers plan on feeling a certain amount of safety with you. If you bring someone else along the customer doesn’t know who they are, and what their situation is.

  1. Drive Only Approved Cars

Your profile features you and your ride. If you start showing up in other vehicles it may shine poorly on you. Customers may not understand or feel safe. They might wonder if this profile is wrong, is this the guy I’m supposed to be with? Is he actually an accredited driver? You should also stick to one vehicle because it’s much easier to keep up with maintenance. The last thing you want to do is blow a tire or have the engine quit during a ride.

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