3 Easy Marketing Tools for Insurance Agents

3 Easy Insurance Marketing Tools For Agents

Easy marketing tips can help you find new clients.

When insurance agents are marketing to prospective clients it can’t be overwhelming. One false step and a lead can be washed down the drain. It can be frustrating and agents can often find themselves over thinking things. The process of marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. There are several simple solutions that can make a huge impact of clients.

1. Daily Social Media Posts

Regardless of what social media outlet you use daily posts are vital for marketing your business and your brand. There are ways to form automated posts to save time. Agents can set up specific messages and times for their messages to go out to the public. An agent’s work timeline doesn’t always flow with their clients free time. If posts go up when clients aren’t able to view them did they really go out in the first place? Make sure your content goes out when and where you want it. It doesn’t matter whether you want to post independently, use automation or spread across four different accounts, just make sure the posts go out each and every day.

2. Create Time

If the agent has no time to prepare then the marketing aspect suffers greatly. Scheduling appointments and meetings in blocks can ensure that the agent has set times to tend to daily issues and market. If there are several clients spread throughout the day chances are there will be small problems that pop up that prevent the agent from focusing quality time on marketing. Blocking off time to tweak the website, make visits to local businesses, or use social media to reach out to clients is very important. There are a lot of people out there that stress out over crazy schedules. Proper prioritization is a quick and easy fix that is often overlooked when agent search for marketing help.

3. Be Unorthodox

Every once in awhile the status quo just becomes so stagnant. That’s why it’s important to do everything in your power to be a little different. It’s important to not go overboard here and be too off the wall. A few suggestions could be being available 24 hours or giving personal numbers or emails. This strategy isn’t for everyone, because many people want to keep their business and personal lives separate. However, availability is key when trying to gain clients and get people talking. If you are there when other agents aren’t then you will always be a priority and relevant to the customer.

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