Using Vehicle Wrap Ads For Your Business

More and more business owners are considering the use of vehicle wrap ads for their business. This type of marketing has been gaining popularity all over the country because of its benefits not only to the business owner but also to the car owner.


Do Vehicle Wraps Make Sense for Your Auto Body Shop?

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You’ve seen them everywhere and the graphics are pretty spectacular. Food trucks, large 16-wheelers, vans of all sizes and cars of every type now have advertising messages that entice viewers. Some people have allowed companies to put their logos on their daily drivers and pay them handsomely for doing so. This movement is growing fast.

Body shops all over the country have invested in car wraps to push their brands and gain valuable exposure. They’re like moving billboards, except you don’t have to rent them once you’ve put them on your vehicles. So, the real cost is only the initial investment. The big question is: do vehicle wraps pay for themselves over time and do they actually attract customers?

It’s all about ongoing branding and continually getting your name out there to the community. If you get vehicle wraps put on your delivery vans, will people see them and flock to your shop? Not likely, but the advertising message on your vans, in conjunction with your other marketing efforts, will eventually make your shop’s name a household word. So, when someone gets into an accident, they will think of you instead of your competitor down the road.

Interesting and fun vehicle wraps seem to garner the most attention. Collision Specialists in McAllen, TX has a car wrap that features its logo breaking through a wall of concrete. Offutt Collision Repair in Bellevue, NE has a wrap featuring a cute little green alien with a spaceship that’s damaged. “An Out of This World Body Shop” is the shop’s slogan emblazoned on the car. And in Bluffton, SC, the Carriage Shoppe has a wrap on a van that is a real attention-getter, because from a distance the vehicle looks badly damaged. But, when you get a little closer, you can see that it’s just a very deceptive (and creative) wrap.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of putting vehicle advertising wraps on your delivery fleet or your company’s cars, consider the pros and cons first. For $500-$5,000, a car wrap can be as simple and direct or as intricate and involved as you desire, but make sure it’s within your budget and keep your expectations realistic. If you think the wrap will have the phone ringing off the hook within a few weeks, think twice.

The positive aspects of using car wraps for your marketing and advertising are numerous. A vehicle wrap is a far more effective tool than a basic magnetic sign. In addition, a wrap can convert any vehicle into a billboard. You wouldn’t be allowed to put a sign in front of a restaurant or a store, but if you’re stopped in their parking lot you don’t need a permit or permission to wave your company’s flag.

Some shops use their wraps to convey a safety or community-related message. One shop used their vehicle wraps to communicate anti-texting and other distracted driving warnings to the public and another shop promoted the local schools and Little Leagues through their wraps.

Written by Ed Attanasio, automotive journalist and freelance writer for Autobody News magazine.

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