Top 5 Commuter Distractions

Top 3 Most Dangerous Commuter Driving Habits

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If you are like most people, you probably spend most of the day in your car. You run errands, drop the kids off at school and then take the long commute to work. With so much to do, it is easy to get distracted. At Getting Paid To Drive, we want to help you make money while you drive, but by doing it safe.

Distracted driving causes more deaths and injuries than you can imagine. We have compiled the top 5 most dangerous distractions while driving, that you should avoid.

Distracted Commuters

1. Getting Ready In Your Car – How many times have you seen a woman putting her makeup on or a man shaving in the car next to you?  When you are in a rush, it can seem like the perfect place to take care of personal grooming tasks. Nothing could be more dangerous than not focuses on the road ahead.

2. Falling Asleep – Late night at the office or running on no sleep because the baby was crying all night? You are not alone. We can guarantee that almost everyone you know has started dosing off at the wheel at some time in their life. More accidents are cause by drivers who have fallen asleep than you can imagine.

3. Music and GPS– It’s not just cellphones that are distracting but all the other gadgets that are now available in your car. Having your GPS set and your music ready to play non stop is the surest way to be safe. It may seem like it takes not time to change your radio station but it is a long enough distraction to do some serious damage.

4. Cellphones – Using your cellphone while you sit in commuter traffic might seem like a safe thing to do, but texting and talking is one of the most dangerous distractions out there. If you are driving to or from work it can be tempting to check email, and take messages. The best thing you can do is wait until you stop safely somewhere.

5. Eating and Drinking – A lot can happen when you eat or drink in your car. Consider some of the things that could go wrong: You could spill hot coffee, drop food on your lap, or spill water everywhere. When this happens drivers face a potential domino effect where impaired attention leads to loss of control.


Here at Getting Paid to Drive we want you to drive safe AND help you make a little extra cash on your way to work. Find out how you can get paid for something you already do every day.

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