Paid Driving Across Country

Get Paid To Drive Your Car

With Getting Paid To Drive, you get a straightforward business opportunity that allows you to make money by doing what you already do everyday, drive. Whether you are already getting paid driving across country or spend a lot of time driving your kids around town, you could be earning some extra money.

How We Work

At Getting Paid To Drive we offer individuals just like you an easy way to beat soaring gas prices and a tough job market. Our campaigns allow you to purchase our magnetic advertisement decals, place them right on your vehicle, and begin making money fast. Drive to work or just spend the day shopping and watch your income rise.

Getting Paid To Drive


Getting Started

Fill out our submission form and order your magnetic decals. Sit back and wait while they are shipped to your home. Once they arrive, all you have to do is place them on your car. Each Getting Paid To Drive decal comes with a personalized tracking number. We use this number to ensure that you get paid every time a lead comes in from your personal decal.

Getting Paid To Drive

At Getting Paid To Drive, we implement car-advertising services for clients across the US. This allows us to provide companies an easy and effective way to promote their business. We then work with people just like you who spend a lot of time in their car, and are looking to make some extra money. This straightforward business opportunity really is that simple.