New Overlaminate Films Produced For More Creative Vehicle Wrap Ads

Car wrap advertising is now better and more creative than before with the release of new overlaminate films. These films boast a unique chrome finish that makes the vehicle wrap more attractive, thus gaining more attention to locals especially if it carries an advertising message.

Avery launches overlaminate films

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions is claiming to be the first company to market a coloured cast overlaminate film designed specifically for vehicle wraps.

The new Transparent Coloured Overlaminates for the Conform Chrome series are available in orange, green and purple.

The new overlaminates were launched in the UK this month, expanding the range of colours that can be achieved using Conform Chrome from five to 20 colours in total.

Applicators can use unaltered Conform Chrome colours and also combine them with the three Transparent Coloured Overlaminates. Avery said that with chrome finishes, currently gaining in popularity, the new products enabled even more creative effects.

Marketing director Oliver Guenther said: “We are the first to market a coloured cast overlaminate film designed specifically for vehicle wraps and excited to see the installers’ colour combinations.”

When paired with Conform Chrome, the transparent overlaminates create more colour options and protect the chrome film from scratches and other damage, he said.

Guenther added: “The Conform Chrome range is an established range with positive feedback. Market demand has driven the launch for the new coloured overlaminate options.

“Their availability allows users to create many more colour combinations on demand for these premium accent films.”

He said the target audiences were designers and applicators who served car enthusiasts.

“Our adhesive technology is an important feature of Conform Chromes. It saves applicators’ installation times because films can be slid and repositioned when in place.

“This helps to place elements very precisely and to install without bubbles. The films are also highly conformable, to cope easily with rivets and corrugations.

“These products were introduced to expand creative possibilities, while at the same time retain good performance and ease of installation.”

Transparent Coloured Overlaminate, Conform Chrome and Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film come in a range of colours and finishes, helping graphics professionals hone choice of combination for each car wrap colour application or customer request.

Conform Chrome and the new Transparent Coloured Overlaminates are suitable for creating custom, unique accents on vehicles.

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