New Additions To The Lyft Experience Help You Make More

Lyft Changes

The only consistency in life is change. That’s why you find businesses constantly looking for their next slogan, advertisement or new idea. Sometimes business is doing well and they just need to alter or tweak a few things. This is where Lyft stands at this moment. The brand is growing with each passing day. They continue to stay ahead of the game and are seeing the results. There are a couple new additions that make Lyft stand out even more from the competition.



Emblem Amp

Lyft has recently introduced their new “Emblem Amp.” This simple tool is used to light up the drivers dashboard so that passengers and riders can easily find each other. This cuts down on mistaking similar vehicles that are not under the Lyft umbrella. Thus keeps the riders safe from people who may pose as drivers also. Safety has always been a pillar of Lyft, and this is one of the steps that shows that they are keeping this value in mind.

Round Up and Donate

Another wonderful idea that Lyft has jumped on is their “Round Up and Donate” campaign. This campaign allows for participating riders to round their fares up to the nearest dollar. The difference in the fare is donated to a charity of their choosing. This is a wonderful concept for the business and the customer. It gives the customer the chance to have a say in contributing to something they truly care about through the Lyft service.

Scheduled Rides

People are used to calling for rides at the spurt of a moment, but now Lyft allows you to schedule rides further in advance. If you know you have a big trip coming up, or a meeting that you have to get to the service will be ready. The service will allow correspondence between the two parties leading up to the ride just like the normal Lyft ride. That way if anything changes, both parties are on the same page and can act accordingly to any changes.

This just continues to show Lyft’s ability to improve on their already growing brand. These small improvements offer new perks for their customers. Companies often rack their brains and try to reinvent the wheel with different promotions. Most of the time the best “new” idea is just a tweak to something they already do. Lyft continues to search and improve with each passing day.


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