Get Paid to Drive Across Country

Get Paid To Drive

Are you looking for an easy way to make some extra money? With Getting Paid To Drive, you get a straightforward honest business opportunity that allows you make cash while doing what you already do everyday, drive. Get paid to drive across country or right in your own town just by adding our magnetic advertisement decals on your vehicle.

Get Started

It is easy to get started with a Getting Paid To Drive campaign. Submit your information and purchase our magnetic advertising decals in any size you like. Then sit back and wait for your decals to arrive in the mail. Once your magnets have arrived, you can place them on your vehicle and be on your way. Drive to work, run errands, or go shopping and start making money immediately.

Getting Paid To Drive


How You Get Paid

With your magnetic advertisement decals from Getting Paid To Drive, comes a personalized tracking phone number. This phone number ensures that we pay you every time a lead comes in from the ad you have on your vehicle. It is really that simple. You place the ads on your car and drive wherever you need to go, and you can make money every day of the week.

What We Do

At Getting Paid To Drive, we work with some of the largest companies across the US. We implement car-advertising campaigns for our clients that are easy and effective. This in turn allows us to work with individuals just like you who are looking to make some extra money. This is a no-brain solution to beating the high cost of gas prices simply by doing what you already do everyday.