Get Paid for Driving

Wouldn’t it be great if making money were easy? With Getting Paid To Drive, you get a straightforward opportunity to make some extra income for doing what you already do every day, drive. Get paid for driving, simply by placing our advertising decals on your car and driving around town doing all the things you have to do anyways.

What We Do

We provide some of the largest companies with an easy way to advertise their business. By implementing car-advertising campaigns across the US, we help companies promote their business, while giving people just like you an easy way to make some easy cash. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme; it is simply an opportunity for individuals to make some extra income just by driving their vehicle.

Getting Paid To Drive


How Getting Paid To Drive Works

Take advantage of this business opportunity and make some extra money, easy. All you have to do is order our magnetic ad decals in the size you want, receive them in the mail, and then place them right on your car. Each ad has a personal tracking phone number that allows us to keep tabs on all the leads your individual ad brings in.

Why Getting Paid To Drive

With a tough job market and soaring gas prices, Getting Paid To Drive can make life easy. With our magnetic ad decals on your car, you can begin to bring in some extra money just by driving to work, running errands, or taking the kids shopping. This opportunity is a no-brainer for anyone who spends any amount of time driving their vehicle.