1.QUESTION. How Long does it take to receive the decals, after signing up?

ANSWER. Your package containing your car decals, will be sent within 14-21 business days (hopefully sooner) after your sign up. Your package will contain 2 decals, for placement on both sides of your vehicle.

2. QUESTION. How often do I get paid and by what method?

ANSWER. We will send payments via mailed check, on the 15th of each month, for activity generated during the PRIOR MONTH. For example, if your car advertisements generate billable activity in the month January, your payment will be mailed on February 15th.

3. QUESTION. How do I view my billable activity, to know how much I have generated?

ANSWER. We are developing an online portal for our drivers to use, to see real-time updates of all activity generated by your decals. We estimate this will be completed by May 1st, 2015. Until then, we will email you a monthly report, showing all billable activity, with each payment.

4. QUESTION. What is the difference between a trial membership and active?

ANSWER. Trial memberships are valid for 60 days, for our drivers to get a feel for the benefits of the program. During this time, your payouts will be capped at $50/month in total payouts. After the 60 day period, you have the option of continuing as a paid member, which does not cap your monthly earnings.

5. QUESTION. Can I generate income in other ways, such as handing out business cards, or posting on social media?

ANSWER. YES! Once you sign up, you will be given a unique URL and/or unique phone number, which will be present on all of your advertisements. If requested, you may purchase business cards from GettingPaidtoDrive.com, to hand out to potential customers. You may also post your unique URL and/or phone number on Facebook, to generate activity that way too!

6. QUESTION. Is this opportunity available in other countries?

ANSWER. At this time, the program is limited to the U.S. only.

7. QUESTION. How do I apply the decals to my vehicle?

ANSWER. Please view this instructional video, which we’ve found helpful. GettingPaidtoDrive.com – Applying Vinyl Decals

Also see Getting Paid to Drive – Where do I place the decals on my vehicle?

8. QUESTION. Will the decals damage my vehicle? Can I take them off?

ANSWER. No, the vinyl decals will not damage your vehicle in any way. However, once you remove the decals, you will not be able to reapply them, and your inclusion in the program will end. We do make exceptions for accidental tearing and/or other extreme circumstances. Please see this instructional video on removal. GettingPaidtoDrive.com – Remove Decals from Vehicle

9. QUESTION. Are there other ways I can make money?

ANSWER. YES! Our most active drivers generate additional income, by posting their advertising materials on Facebook, discussing with friends and family, and organizing community events to educate local residents.

10. QUESTION. I would like more responsibility and to be a team leader for my area. How does this work?

ANSWER. Please contact support, if you are interested in being a team leader for your city. We are in hyper-growth and there are many opportunities available. We are hiring! Position Responsibilities include:
-Generate drivers in your area and reach our driver goal in your area.
-Keep your local drivers informed via newsletters, about local campaigns and actions
-Answer any questions submitted from your local drivers
-Discuss benefits of advertising on cars with potential advertisers. Help them to get started with advertising program.