Drive and Get Paid

Getting Paid To Drive

At Getting Paid To Drive, we offer individuals just like you a straightforward and easy way to make some extra cash. With our magnetized advertising decals, you can drive and get paid. All you have to do is place the decals right on your vehicle and drive around just like you do everyday, and immediately watch your income grow.

How We Work

Taking advantage of the Getting Paid To Drive campaign is easy. All you have to do is order our decals in any size, receive them in the mail, place them on your car, and drive around town. Go to work, take the kids to school, or just run errands and begin to make extra cash, instantly. Our car advertising campaigns allow you to make money doing what you do every day, drive.

Getting Paid To Drive


Getting Paid

When you order Getting Paid To Drive magnetic decal ads, you get a personalized tracking phone number. This phone number allows us to keep track of all the leads that come in from the decal on your vehicle. This ensures that we pay you for all the interest that is generated by the ad placed on your car.

A No-Brainer Solution

With Getting Paid To Drive, you have an easy way to tackle soaring gas prices and the tough job market. With a small investment, you will be able to bring in money just by doing the simple things you do every day. Order you magnetic decal advertisements and find out why the Getting Paid To Drive campaign is a no-brain solution to making money.