Car Wrapping Industry Continues To Expand As More Training Is Announced

Car wrapping is continuously making its mark in the industry as more business giants are offering training and workshops across the country. Vehicle wrapping offers lots of benefits both for the car owner and the business owner. Don’t get left behind. Consider car wrap advertisement for your business now.
Avery Dennison Announces Expanded 2016 Car Wrap Training Schedule

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions has announced that 32 car wrap workshops are scheduled for 2016. With programs scheduled throughout the United States and Canada, car wrap installers can advance their confidence and skills by attending the Avery Dennison Digital Films and Supreme Wrapping Film classes, and take the Avery Dennison Certification Test.

Justin Pate, an internationally renowned wrap installer and trainer, will lead the Avery Dennison workshops this year with Troy Downey, APE Wraps, and Dallas Fowler, Digital EFX. With more than 19 years of experience and a specialty in vehicle graphic installations, Pate developed the curriculum for each of the courses for this year’s workshops.

“The 2016 Avery Dennison wrap training program includes more classes and locations, new instructors and an enhanced curriculum,” said Bill Podojil, senior business director at Avery Dennison. “With these programs, we want to provide an in-depth understanding of installation mechanics so attendees gain a competitive edge within the industry. Our goal is to make these classes both educational and inspirational at each installers’ current skill level.”

The Avery Dennison Digital Films Training is a two-day course, recommended for basic to intermediate skilled graphics and vehicle wrap installers, that will cover a variety of applications and fundamentals including walls, floors, windows and full print vehicle wraps. Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions will offer 15 of these wrap training classes throughout 2016.

The Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film workshop is a two-day course for intermediate to advanced wrap installers. This workshop has been extended from one to two days and will focus solely on color change films working with different finishes, including gloss, matte, brushed metallic, carbon and chrome. There will be 17 of these car wrap training sessions available for installers to choose from in 2016.

“I think the two-day Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film advanced workshop is simply the best all-around workshop and value available today,” said Pate, lead instructor for the workshops. “With three sedans and five different types of finishes, I can show a wide variety of techniques and tips that, on average, cut install times by 30-50 percent and raise quality and profits – the recipe for success in the wrap world.”

The Avery Dennison Certification Test is open to all installers; attending an Avery Dennison wrap class is not required to take the exam. The test is made up of five modules: written exam, hood, fender, door/window and a cutting test. Avery Dennison will offer 15 opportunities to take the certification exam, typically following the Supreme Wrapping Film workshops, in 2016.

Workshops are 90 percent hands-on training for walls, floors, windows, full print and color change vehicle wraps with instructors focusing on cutting skills, properties of the material and installation techniques that raise quality and lower installation times.

New in 2016, installers can register and pay for the car wrap classes and certification online. Each participating class member will receive a 25 yard roll of digitally printable or color change film and application tools, which is approximately a $700 value.

Sponsors of the Avery Dennison classes include Mutoh, OKI, Knifeless Tech Systems, NT Cutter, and Steinel.