Prepare For A Natural Disaster

Prepare Your Vehicle For A Natural Disaster

To help our Getting Paid to Drive drivers get through the difficult driving situations, we like to offer tips for safe driving. You never know when a natural disaster can occur. A natural disaster can happen at any time or anywhere, and your vehicle could become an unwilling victim. It is always good to be prepared at all times. Protect yourself and your family with a few recommendations.

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The following tips can help protect your car when the unexpected happens:

  1. Create a natural disaster plan

    – Create a detailed preparedness plan for your vehicle. If you are using your car for an evacuation, carefully plan your route and keep a full tank of gas. Keep emergency supplies such as blankets, a flashlight, first aid kit and cables ready to use at all times. You should also consider water and packaged foods that have a very long end date.

  2. Park Your Car in a Safe Place

    – Always be aware of your vehicle’s surroundings. If possible, move your vehicle away from trees or other potential hazards that may cause damage in a storm. You should know as much as possible about the weather conditions in your geographic location. This can help you be as prepared as possible.

  3. Stay alert for weather bulletins

    – Check the local and national weather forecasts for advisories and updates. Depending where you live you should know somewhat the weather to expect. For example if you live in Los Angeles, you know there won’t be a snow storm. Be prepared to put your preparedness plan in place immediately after an alert goes out.

  4. Leave your Vehicle in a Safe Area

    – During severe weather, your car is much more vulnerable if left on the road. If you have a garage or other covered structure location to store your vehicle away from weather, use it. To avoid water damage, it is best to keep your car away from low-lying areas prone to flooding. Look around to be sure that you are storing your car in the best possible place.

  5. Car Insurance

    – Make sure that your car insurance covers in possible weather damage or natural disasters. Depending where you live, you may want to up your coverage during certain times of year.

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Before you take off on your day of driving, be aware of severe weather alerts that can slow you down or make your driving day difficult. As always be cautious and drive carefully.

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