More Considers Vehicle Wrap Ads As Local Company Eyes Expansion

A local company in North Texas is planning an expansion as more and more people are considering car wrapping. Because of their high quality services and effectiveness and benefits that car owners gain from car decals and vehicle wrap ads, the North Texas company sees the need for more employees and office locations.


Fast-growing North Texas car-wrapping company eyes expansion

Since its founding in 2005, Car Wrap City has has grown to 26 employees and two locations in Sherman and Carrollton, with revenue skyrocketing 280 percent over the past three years.

Owner and CEO Scott Bechtel attributes his company’s expansion to an emphasis on quality. Bechtel, who self-funded his company and said he is not looking for investors, started his business after noticing that the car wrap industry was using thin materials and wrapping companies were doing bad installations.

“I’m having to compete with price, but quality is the most important for me because I want the customer to be happy,” he added. “Unfortunately, our competitors just want to get it on the vehicle and aren’t worried about quality. When you look at it, you can see the difference.”

Today, Car Wrap City services more than 600 vehicles per year. It offers commercial vehicle wraps; vanity wraps, which change the color of consumers’ cars; and clear wraps, which protect existing car paint.

We talked to Bechtel about how he plans to further grow his wrapping business.

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors?

I helped Justin Pate, who is considered one of the wrap industry’s leading experts, conceptualize and found (online video platform) The Wrap Institute. Thousands of people and brands look to Car Wrap City as an extension to TWI, the only online authority for learning how to wrap. As an owner and as a company, we are driven to improving the wrap industry as a whole, even though that could mean training the competition.

What will be new for the company in 2016?

We are expanding our product line to do more architectural stuff like walls, interiors of homes and offices. We have a Wall Wrap City that we’re going to expand into. It will be under the same umbrella as Car Wrap, but we will have a separate website. It will be the same installers and we have the same capabilities.

What are your growth plans?

I will never franchise, because once you franchise you tend to lose quality. Our growth has been phenomenal, and the whole idea of giving high quality has done well for us.

Our extension will probably be Houston next, probably this time next year. Texas will be first, and then to the East to West Coast.

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