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lyft customers

It’s true that Lyft tries to help build a sense of community and friendship between customers and drivers. This relationship is a two way street. The Lyft driver has to do their part to make the passenger feel at home. There are several ways that the passenger can make this experience better as well, by respecting the car and the driver.

Hands to Yourself

This sounds like a simple concept, but you’d be shocked at how many people touch the driver or the radio. This is not only inconsiderate, but dangerous. There’s no reason to reach across someone to change the radio, or any other control. Most drivers are more than happy to make you feel comfortable by changing settings or even letting you play your own music. Just communicate your desires first. This vehicle is not your home.

Don’t Eat In the Car

It’s important to remember that the car isn’t just a vehicle to dirty up with food particles. This is the driver’s place of business. It costs him money to keep it clean regularly for his passengers. Some people may treat their car poorly and stash lots of things in there. If that is you, then keep it in your own car.

lyft customers

Don’t Keep Them Waiting

The process is simple. You order Lyft service when you’re ready. When that time comes you should already be out there ready to get to your destination. It’s not cute or cool to be fashionably late for your pickup. The drivers time is valuable and they aren’t trying to waste it on one person. That sets them behind for the next ride and the one after that.

 Know Your Destination

The driver is aware you’ve been having the time of your life. He’s also aware that you’d like to get home. Make sure that you or someone in your party knows where home is. The driver can’t get you to where you want to be if you can’t tell them. The last thing they want is to go on a midnight adventure taking wrong turn after wrong turn. Remember this person is doing this for a living not just because it can be fun.

Be Kind

Again, pretty self explanatory and still yet some passengers find it difficult. Demanding or demeaning language or gestures have no place in the car. This person in the front seat is offering to help you for a short period of time. Why not be kind to him and thank him for his service.

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