Get Paid to Drive Cross Country

Get Paid To Drive Your Car

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to make some extra money? Getting Paid To Drive offers individuals just like you a straightforward business opportunity to bring in some extra income. Get paid to drive cross country or right in your own community simply by placing our magnetic advertisement decals right on your car.

How It Works

Taking part in a Getting Paid To Drive campaign is simple. With a small investment, you can receive our magnetic ad decals in the mail and place them right on your vehicle. Each ad comes with personal tracking phone number. This number allows us to track every lead or interest that comes in from people who have seen your car’s ad. You get paid for every call, just like that.

Getting Paid To Drive


Getting Started

Submit your information to Getting Paid To Drive and purchase your decals in any size you like. Wait for your ads to show up in the mail, place them on your vehicle, and take off. This opportunity allows you to drive around town, go to work, run errands, or pick the kids up from school and make an income. It is a fast and easy process that everyone can take advantage of.

Why Getting Paid To Drive

With gas prices continuing to soar and a not so great job market, you need an easy way to bring in some additional income. Getting Paid To Drive makes doing nothing and making cash easy. Get your magnetic decals and handle those gas prices head-on while making some extra money for you and your family.